Quality, Health, Safety & Environment

At RiverWijs we have an unwavering commitment to quality, health, safety and environmental management.

The long-term business success of RiverWijs relies on:

  • Providing high standards of customer service
  • Meeting our legal obligations, codes of practice and standards
  • Protecting the health and safety of people who work for us and receive our services; and
  • Protecting the environment everywhere we operate

Quality, health, safety and environmental management are core values within RiverWijs.

RiverWijs’s Board, Leadership Team, General Managers and Operational Managers – have primary responsibility for delivering our quality, health, safety and environmental (QHSE) core values as well as the goals and targets for the organisation.

Each person who works for RiverWijs is accountable for compliance with our QHSE management system (QHSEMS). Furthermore, those who provide goods and services to RiverWijs must comply with their own legal obligations as well as our organisation’s policies and requirements.

We achieve our goals and commitment to effective QHSE management by:

  • Having established an effective, integrated QHSEMS with continuous improvement
  • Having the right tools for managing QHSE across the organisation
  • Certification to and complying with our QHSE and maritime standards, codes and legal requirements
  • Setting high standards and goals for QHSE and monitoring our performance
  • Holding ourselves and our contractors and suppliers accountable for QHSE performance
  • Applying our maritime and QHSE skills in the design and engineering of our vessels and shore facilities to eliminate or minimise hazards and risks, providing maximum efficiency
  • Being ‘always ready’ to meet business and customer needs and respond to emergencies quickly and effectively
  • Sharing relevant and timely information about our activities with our people, clients, contractors and suppliers
  • Supporting and building long term relationships with customers and communities

We never allow operational profit to take precedence over QHSE. If there is ever a conflict, we all have a responsibility to choose QHSE first. Together with management at all levels, we will always support this choice.

As part of our commitment to QHSE, this policy is visibly displayed in all RiverWijs shore-based facilities and vessels. It is also communicated to all employees, contractors, suppliers and other appropriate outside parties. This policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure it remains relevant, appropriate and aligned with RiverWijs’s core values.